Thursday, 3 January 2013

What I got for Christmas!

Happy New Year! We made it through 2012, I'm glad to say. The year the world should have ended and I'm still here, in one piece (touch wood). Did you have a good New Year? Any resolutions? I just have two; be more organised and just be happy, with myself, my life and generally everything! So, I promised a 'What I got for Christmas' post and here it is. But first, I'm not bragging by any means! I don't want to make anyone feel bad about themselves or anything. I just like to read these and it's nice to look back on (one of the main reasons for my blog!) Without further ado, here is what I got!

Sims 3! OMG. THE most addictive game ever! No one can deny how addictive it gets when you start playing it again. It's a really good game and I just love it; always have! I'm such a child... That was from my Auntie and her husband, along with a photography book and some camera film for this camera he let me borrow :) It's so old school!!
 Hollister sweat pants and a yankee candle from my Grandma! I have been burning it everyday! The candle I mean, not the pants, that would be a waste ;) The type/ smell of it is baby powder and makes your room smell really fresh and lovely!

Two River Island gift cards from my Auntie and Uncle and family friends. Can't wait to spend them!!

From my friend, a nighty saying 'sleep all night... sleep all day'. And, my brother's girlfriend got me some cute robin slipper socks and two Rimmel Lasting Finish nail varnishes in 193 Black Cherries and 030 Double Decker Red; two gorgeous colours!

And, from 'Santa', mostly bits and bobs. The best onesie ever from next, it's so fleecy and warm, I'm wearing it now! A Hetty hoover mug and desktop vaccum- love it! A nighty to go with some fleecy socks that both have pandas on them from Marks and Spencers- the kids section (sshh don't tell anyone!) Pyjamas from Primark- the thick fleecy ones if you've seen them, which are red and have reindeers on them. A HUGE walnut whip because I adore them! I think M&S again. Slippers from M&S Per Una. One of those animal pillow things. Mine's a panda, my brother got a bear or dog I think. Ear muffs! Two cake tins, an egg separator and a Great British Bake off calendar and cake cases. Oh and a No7 make up set with Kabuki brush and blushers, bronzers etc. and a Simple gift bag thing containing make up wipes and moisturizer. And, finally, some coloured contact lenses, but more about that in a future post!!

I'm not going to lie... I got quite a lot of chocolate as well.
I'm so grateful for my gifts and know I'm lucky to have gotten so much while a lot of people have so little. I do not take my life for granted. I hope you all got some lovely gifts and had a great Christmas and New Year with your family and friends.

Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Blogmas: Week 3!

Merry Christmas! For yesterday... I hope you all had a wonderful day filled with family, friends, food and presents! Or whatever you do on Christmas day, if you even celebrate it at all! This is the final week of blogmas and I left it a bit late so I could fit Christmas day in too!
Max loves to watch TV!

My Gingerbread house and Family!

Visitor in my room!
My new mug that doubles up as a bowl!
Early Christmas present!

 Merry Christmas and happy new year! My christmas shopping haul and what I got for Christmas will be up soon!

Sunday, 16 December 2012

Never going to the hairdressers again!

As you've probably guessed from the title, I went to the hairdressers and wasn't exactly happy with the outcome. I came home thinking 'I could've done that and maybe even better'. To be honest, I've felt like that nearly every time I've gone to the hairdressers for the past few years.
I got my fringe cut back in the other day. And only my fringe. I will not let a hairdresser touch my hair now I'm growing it as I've found hairdressers like to get a little scissor-happy. *I'm not saying all hairdressers are like this, just that, in my experience they have been. Maybe I'm picking the wrong hairdressers or maybe I'm not clear enough in my instructions as to what I want (although, I think a photo is pretty self-explanatory)*
Ever since I started cutting my own fringe a few years ago, I've come home from hairdressers feeling the exact same way as I did the other day. I think it might be that I know what I want and have a good idea of how to get it and know that I can get it because I've done it before and so there really is no excuse for a hairdresser not being able to do it. I went home and immediately wanted to cut it myself. She hadn't even parted it from the rest of my hair so I had a huge chunk that wasn't cut. What made this even worse was that I've been growing it out for so long so 1) the chunk was a lot longer than what she cut and 2) I have just spent months painstakingly growing out this fringe just to have someone come and chop it all off in quite a bad way.
I did end up cutting the rest myself with the help of my mum and will probably continue to do this, refusing to let a hairdresser touch my fringe again. Who wants to waste money on something you can do yourself?!
Here's what my fringe looks like now:

And here's the photo I took to the hairdressers:

They're not really the same but it was what I was aiming for!
Have any of you had experiences like this? I'm sure I'm not the only one!

Blogmas: Week 2!

Here are some pictures from this week (10th-16th December):

What we've been listening to in the car :D
The sun's so low at the minute! It looked really pretty in real life.

Our Christmas decorations!

My NOTW! Barry M's (not sure what the colour is)
I've done so much present wrapping this week! My fingers hurt! I have most of my shopping done too, just need to get the rest of the presents for my friend (it's getting harder every year to buy for her because I feel like I've bought her every present in the universe hahah)

Saturday, 8 December 2012

Blogmas: Day 7

Only 18 days to go! I'm so excited! I'm just like a little kid at Christmas; it's probably my favourite time of year.
Yesterday, I went to *drum roll please* get my fringe cut back in!!!! I know the majority of you voted for the fringe in post that I think was called 'Fringe or no fringe' something like that. And, after a few weeks of deliberation, I went for the chop. I'm going to do a post on this and you'll find out I wasn't exactly ecstatic with what the hairdresser did. However, I did manage to save it by cutting some myself and am now happy with my fringe.
I'm covering my face because I have no make-up on and am wearing my glasses! Do you like my cute phone case?
I also went to tesco and picked up some wintry nail polishes, ready for the festive season, along with some Chai Vanilla Latte powder a friend suggested I try (I have fallen in love with it!!) and some conditioner

I'm off to paint my nails with these gorgeous colours now! Hope you're having a good Saturday!

Friday, 7 December 2012

Blogmas: day 6

I'm on time! But that's only because I've just written day 5 so thought I should just get day 6 done while I'm here...
So, yesterday I got a letter telling me I'd been shortlisted for a University! How exciting is that?! I'm going to have an interview on the 19th and they'll let me know that day whether I'm successful or not! It looks super scary though and really thorough. The day is from 9.30 to 5.30 so you can only imagine what I'll be doing all day :/ They've given me a timetable and it looks like hell. There's barely any breaks so that's 8 hours nearly of interviewing and exams/ tests. There are two individual interviews and one written test. I can't cope! Hahah
I did have a driving lesson yesterday and it's my last one for a while :( I've run out of funds because of this thing called CHRISTMAS!! And because I have exams in January that I really need to concentrate on. Especially if I want to get into this uni.
Nothing else really happened yesterday apart from a mini photo shoot I did with the babies but, of course, I can't show you :(

Blogmas: day 5

Oops! Did it again! I'm really bad at this aren't I? I'm considering just making it a weekly thing. That may be easier... And less boring! Yeah, I've decided just now to do that :) So, starting Monday, it will be a weekly thing where I blog about what I've done in the week. It's just so hard when you have other stuff going on! But, for now here's day 5 and day 6 should be up later...

I had college again, from 10.45 to 1.30. I was meant to have a driving lesson but it got cancelled as my driving instructor had to go to the hospital for something :( But it got rescheduled so it's fine! I really love driving; it's so much fun! I would recommend it completely to anyone considering it (as long as you're old enough).

I spent some time with the little girls we foster: do you like her wellies? She loves them! This was taken after I'd changed her into her PJs hahah
I love taking random pictures of them, they're so cute! I wish I could show you them but for privacy reasons, I can't :(

I also took the kittens outside for the first time! They looked so tiny! And they absolutely hated it! They were so scared, and it was really cold so I think they prefer the warmth of the house (who wouldn't?!) But we got them this lead and harness thing because that's what we were told to put them on the first time we took them out in case they got scared and ran away. It was so funny because of how independent cats are and so they refused to go anywhere when I tried to walk. They weren't impressed!  It was only in the garden of course, so imagine what they'd be like near a road! Next time I go out with them, I'll take a photo for you guys.
Little Miss Perfect sitting in the warmth!